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Free Download One Piece Gold Film, I think this GOLD Film is the best movie/ anime in 2016. and this movie was enthused by much country like spain, hindi, indonesian, and much others, japan is always :)

this arc/ set is located at Gran Tesoro, and under cover of World Government. and Revolutionary Army with Sabo as a leader and CP0 that lead by Rob Luci. its a big moment guys...we are waiting for One Piece Gold release ASAP :) it's to long you know.... emm

One Piece Gold Film

The beginning: Silver Mine Arc
Here Straw Hat Pirate Crew/ Alliance meet with silver pirate alliance, that obsessed to be King pirate under Gild Tesoro. in this episode is the Begin of one piece gold film

the Second: Heart of Gold
Here Straw Hat Pirate Crew meet wit Olga as a children (but she has 206 years Old), and she has a ring that can bring him to the Pure Gold Island, that placed inside of "Bonbori sama" the biggest fish. and luffy fight with Mad Treasure

One Piece Film: Gold Episode 0
is the most cute arc haha, its none sense with this episode but you have to watch this arc haha

Review for One Piece GOLD Film.

 By : @yushi-tk3

First review (7/25/16). This movie is great and just miraculously outstanding. Eichiro Oda never fails to deliver beauty in art to his audience. The music is fantastic thanks to the music staff that put their soul into the making . The colors are just so sharp,crispy and delicious. The story is fantastic as always expected from the most popular mangaka of all time. 4 Dimensional Experience is legitimately the best experience. Watching this movie on the day of its release was like a dream come true. I am a pirate but these are better pirates if you get what I mean.

What to expect:
Luffy (Gear 4)
Roronoa Zoro (air swoosh)

By: @solar-wind

This is far better than most of the movies I have recently seen.
Trust me, I know what I'm saying. Even though I pay most of the attention to the story and music, all the elements of the story contributed to extremely outstanding time I had watching this movie.
Because Film Gold is everything that a good Vegas - style movie should have - a thrill, respectful villain, and this outstanding music that deepens the entire experience.
And Film Gold is packed with goodies since the very beginning, when the Strawhats arrive at Gran Tesoro. The giant show, incredible battle sequences (oh yes! Gold has the best fight scenes EVER!), the design of the golden city, giant race, the long - gone characters that we all craved to see on the screen since they were announced to appear...

In fact, the only thing I didn't like that much were the voices of Carina and Baccarat. They didn't match the characters at all, especially Baccarat, who spoke in a very flegmatic, annoying way. I also hoped that Carina would sing something, since she was supposed to be Gran Tesoro's singing queen. Gild Tesoro's inspirational and moving flashbacks also were given too little time, which I guess would be welcomed with open arms by the most of the audience.

Nevertheless, One Piece: Film GOLD is a masterpiece and a crown jewel of entire OP franchise. If you want to see it, definitely do it in the cinema! It's one of those outstanding movies that should be viewed only there... You won't regret

Download One Piece Gold Film

One Piece Gold Film part 1 (cam)
One Piece Gold Film part 2 (cam)

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